Ellis Lauhon postscript: Life after death

Ellis Lauhon’s story did not end with his sanity trial. Nor did it end with his commitment to an east Texas mental institution, despite promises to the contrary.

On May 23, 1956, the day after the jury handed down its verdict in Lauhon’s sanity trial, defense attorney Jean E. Hosey said the confessed killer of […]

Ruthless, heartless killer or incurable schizophrenic?

Sheriff’s deputies lead Ellis Lauhon from the 10th District Court after the jury delivers its verdict. (Bill Johnson/Galveston Daily News)

From the moment Ellis Euclid Lauhon’s sanity hearing began on Monday, May 14, 1956, witnesses painted for the jury a picture of a deeply troubled man who had suffered from severe mental illness all […]

Confessed killer’s father: ‘The blame is mine’

Four days after his arrest, Ellis Euclid Lauhon Jr. had an emotional reunion with his father at the Galveston County jail. After that meeting, Ellis Lauhon Sr. sat down with Galveston Daily News reporter Terry MacLeod to talk about his son—and begin to pave the way for his defense.

Ellis Lauhon Jr. and his […]

Airman from Arkansas confesses to Dickinson murders

On July 1, 1955, Galveston County lawmen caught a break in the Dickinson triple murder case.

Ellis Lauhon (Bill Johnson/The Galveston Daily News)

The owner of a used car lot in Nogales, Mexico, became suspicious when an American tried to sell him a red and cream Ford sedan. He alerted local police, who noted […]

Dickinson family murdered in their beds

Rubye McPherson (The Galveston Daily News)

On Saturday, June 25, 1955, Fred Ervidson knocked on the door of the McPherson home in Dickinson. Neighbors hadn’t seen the family in three days and had started to worry. After Ervidson peered through a front window and saw what looked like someone in bed, he called the […]