Wikimedia Commons/Paul Randall

Wikimedia Commons/Paul Randall

Galveston is steeped in history, from its Victorian-era mansions to its storm-defying seawall. Resources abound for stories about deadly hurricanes, the days of import- and export-fueled prosperity, and that heady period when the island was ruled by the mob and known for its gambling dens.

But no resource, that I know of, chronicles crime in Galveston and the surrounding county. This blog will remedy that. Using 172 years of reporting from The Galveston Daily News, I will bring you stories of horrifying murders, brazen bank heists, and eye-popping deceptions. Many people already know about the island’s most infamous killers in recent memory. But Robert Durst was not the first Galveston County resident to cut his victim into little pieces in an attempt to evade justice.

Every few weeks, I will bring you a new installment from Galveston County’s annals of crime. They won’t be in chronological order, or be ranked by superlatives—depravity, brutality, number of victims. But they will all provide a fascinating look into life, and death, in and around one of Texas’ most storied cities.

About the author

Leigh Jones worked as a reporter for the The Galveston County Daily News between 2006 and 2009. She co-authored Infinite Monster, a history of Hurricane Ike, the last storm to leave its mark on the island. She now lives and writes in Pearland, Texas.