The body in the Fort San Jacinto bunker

Battery Croghan, Fort San Jacinto, Galveston, Texas (Creative Commons/Flickr/Patrick Feller)

Several hours after the hot sun melted into the horizon on Aug. 21, 1960, three 13-year-old boys ran along a narrow strip of sand on Galveston’s far East End. They were supposed to be fishing, but a torrential summer downpour drove them toward a […]

‘It’s not a natural mother’s act’

Percy Foreman announces he will defend Ann Williams, flanked by her mother and sister (right) and a family friend. (The Galveston Daily News)

Famous Houston attorney Percy Foreman held a news conference at the Galveston State Psychiatric Hospital on March 25, 1955, to announce he had agreed to defend Ann Williams in her upcoming […]

‘I bet you buried that woman’s kids’

Morris Johnson points to the site where he buried four packages of “spoiled venison” for Ann Williams, pictured right, shortly after she confessed to killing her two children. (The Galveston Daily News)

Morris Johnson didn’t think twice when Ann Williams drove her light tan car up to his garage in Algoa on Feb. 22, […]

Suspicions of incest trigger deadly Galveston family feud

“New $2,000,000 Causeway, Galveston, Texas.” Card. 1930. Digital Commonwealth

Twelve-year-old Donald Sedgewick trotted down the steps of his grandfather’s house to get a piece of apple pie from a family friend who had stopped by during the early evening of Nov. 6, 1930. Just as he hit the sidewalk, a gray sedan rolled up […]

All in the family: Mother-son duo tried for 1974 Galveston murder

Creative Commons/Vincent Louis Carrella

Harold Joseph Norwood was sitting in his car outside English’s Place on July 22, 1974, when another car pulled up behind him, blocking him in. At least two people got out. Charles Lynn Sellers walked up to Norwood’s window, crouched down, and began to talk to him. Sellers’ mother, Pinkie […]

The 387-mile holiday pilgrimage that captured Galveston’s heart

Manuela Carreon stops on the causeway to have her picture taken before continuing her long journey from Galveston to San Juan, Texas. (The Galveston Daily News)

Alfonso Carreon Jr.’s 1957 murder trial didn’t make front-page headlines. But in the week after his acquittal, his mother became a media sensation, with Galveston Daily News readers […]